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GTA V car mods are not working

  • Hi everybody
    I have 2 problems about car mods. The first one is all mod files that I downloaded from here have 3 files to replace with the original files. But when I run the Open IV, I also see that ''carname+hi.ytd'' for everycar. So I have nothing to replace with that one.

    And my second problem is when replace any car mod to my game, before the game start, something downloading and it makes itself original again.

    Trainer are working very well but any mod is not working. I try everything I can. Add on way is also not working cause game downloads original files before run.

    English is not my native, sorry for mistakes

    Thank you =)

  • @hpolat Hello, sorry but I do not understand your first problem. Is there the cars you want add are for the same car in game or Something other ? Thanks for answer and sorry for bad English ;)

  • @Theoasterix

    Yes I want to replace the cars with mods but I have 1 more extra file and car mods haven't this file. For example there is a RR car mod for windsor car in the game. the following files are, windsor.yft, windsor.ytd and windsor_hi.yft. But I also have windsor+hi.ytd. I dont know how to deal with it

  • @hpolat if Windsor+hi.ytd is not in the base game, dont put it. Just look at the textures if there are some diffĂ©rents or more textures and put them in the Windsor.ytd if not

  • @Theoasterix It is in the base game, but anyway even if I do replace the cars the downloads the original files back =/

  • @hpolat Delete the vanilla Windsor+hi.ytd, it won't affect your modded car.
    A more easy way to do it is to put the model files into the last patchday DLC, even if vanilla models aren't in it, it will work, because the game loads patchday DLCs after the ill gotten gains dlc, (which has the Windsor if I remember correctly) and it will load the Rolls Royce model.

    The other issue happens if you don't use the mods folder. If you use it, the game won't download original files back.

  • @V4D3R I have the mods folder but still original files are coming back

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