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Question about other peoples work...

  • What if I want to convert a car from gta IV but can't get a hold of the author?

  • Wait it out a few days. Remember, they have lives that aren't always centered around modding GTA IV, so they can't always get to their messages.

    Better you port from San Andreas, models are constantly unlocked plus it still has somewhat of a thriving community, so somebody there may answer you.

  • @tibidisdik44 Nice choice for a mod. Too many modern cars here as is.

    As for the author, you need to be careful about places like GTAInside and GTAAll because usually the authors will be totally different (one of our long time modders, Ubludock's mod, I think it was the Celica, had been put up on GTAAll, not under his/her name.) Maniamods.ru is pretty bad for this too, but that doesn't mean what they upload is not original.

    Maniamods.ru actually uploads good content, while yes they also reupload from here, they actually had some cars from the 40's and 50's as mods for GTA 5. Which you normally don't find here (only a few trucks and vintage sports cars were done, I've only seen the 1957 Buick Roadmaster as the only vintage sedan so far.

    That's not to say GTA5mods.com is not good. It is, but this site usually consists of modern-based mods, from billboards, to cars, to celebrities like Justin Bieber (and I do not joke when I say that. It's an actual mod you can get here.)

    GTA5Mods is only just starting to leech itself into the world of vintage-based mods. Obviously it took awhile for GTA 4 to do so as well, but that's 2009-2011 standards, we're talking 2015-2017 standards. (of what people show interest in.)

  • @krashadam Yea, I noticed a few mods that were taken from here and put on gtainside. The good thing about that site though is that is has older versions of mods that this site doesn't host. As far as the mod I linked, I have no idea how to convert it and was going to watch some tutorials on how to do it. The author hasn't been active for like 6 years so I think I'll be alright if I just give him credit for the convert to gta IV.

  • @tibidisdik44 Yeah, that might work. Good luck! :D

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