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[LiST] valid LightSettings values?


    What are all the available light settings values?

    So, e.g. the jester2 has 80, massacro2 has 82... 1 is default white, 2 is default yellowish
    Oh I just found on the GTO Judge that '69' is dual headlights but halogen.

    I'm trying to find the one for Dukes. And ofc carvariations.ymt is still encrypted.
    Hoping that will fit a dual headlight with yellow lights for a Challenger or Charger without having to use carcols (hence tuning)

  • @ReNNie lol, it's actually not encrypted anymore https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/carvariations-ymt-convert



    And voila ... using the Tornado's LightSettings of 74 gives me dual headlights in yellow. Thanks!

  • @ReNNie sure, you welcome :)

  • @ReNNie that carvariations ymt is from xbox version of the game. So you need to actually modify it to suite the pc version of the game. i actually got the carvariations.ymt file last year sometime but got lazy and never converted it over to pc. Way too many lines. If you look at an addon cars carvariations.meta file and compare it with that carvariations.ymt you will see how they are different. i only needed it to get trevors truck info since i replaced his truck with a nissan titan.

    in the future if you need to find the original info out for a certain car let me know. Since i used to replace cars for awhile before i did the addon way i know where alot of them are at. You are one of the few friends ill go out of my way to help out.

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