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Online Random Events

  • Would be nice if someone could come out with Online Random Events much like the ones Plastic Tangerine started. However seems to have died.

    Then Online Events Redux by superelitist came out. Witch was awesome. Again died.

    What I'm suggesting is if someone could come up with something much like ones posted above.

    • Steal Vehicle
    • Destroy Vehicle
    • Assassination
    • Armored Truck
    • Crate Drop

    Leaning more towards the Armored Truck and Steal Vehicle and Destroy Vehicle. Assassination and Crate Drop are fine. Myself I like chasing Armored Trucks across the map in a certain amount of time while having a five star wanted level, presents much of a challenge. Same with Steal Vehicle. But that's my preference. Other will have different.

    If this is something that can be done. Please contact me. I would love to give some input.


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