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  • RS has announced a major update this coming Tuesday 29th. Suggestion would be to post the announcement in the "Announcements" so individuals can prepare.Backup their game, set Steam account to offline until SH gets updated. Maybe stopping the past issues with all major updates.


  • @HvyMetal55 its always good to know when gta does updates. im tired of all the updates wish they would stop updating the game and just work on gta6. Anyways unknown modder has the bypass launcher which will stop the game from updating.

  • @HvyMetal55 Likely Reasons:

    Top: Most likely
    Lower: Probably not the case

    • 1: New DLC, as well as a traditional mod patch.

    • 2: GTAO bugs

    • 3: Straight up mod patch, nothing else.

    • 4: Teasing new content. (new mini-games, races, etc.)

    • 5: GTA0 Ban Wave (I might sound stupid suggesting that but when was the last time you recieved a pointless GTA 5 update?)

    Honestly I think it's more DLC coming in. (Not that the gunrunning stuff was shit, it actually looked hella awesome.)

  • @krashadam Yeah. I don't play online anymore. To many cheaters hackers ruin the game. Mainly just want to get the word out so individuals can prepare. Hence all the crying, demanding the SH to be updated because they can run the game. It's the same ole thing every update. Because people fail to prepare themselves better. Hoorah!

  • @HvyMetal55 Online gaming has been GREAT so far, hasn't it...? (sarcasm.exe has stopped responding.)

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