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[Zmodeler 3] Stumped. Extralight_1 and 2 not working all of a sudden: (Pics)

  • Hey Everyone,

    Really stumped on this problem I'm having. Hoping someone else has had it before and knows how to fix it or someone can see in my screenshots that I did something wrong that I can't see but having the hardest time troubleshooting it.

    I have spot lights and a big flood light on the Sheriff Truck that I am making. They were working before however the Template for the truck was broken and I had to redo it (Long Story).

    Well now that I fixed the Template and it looks right now the lights don't want to work. By Lights I mean the Extra Lights.

    I have the High Beam lights on the Truck and the Spotlights under extralight_1 and the flood lights on extralight_2

    I have them in the Hierarchy above everything else. Also in the Material Browser I have them placed at the top of the browser. The Glass is placed at the bottom of the browser I've changed the light id's for extralight_1 to 14 and extralight_2 to 15.

    Not sure what else it could be. When I changed the light id's to Taillights or headlights they decided to work but as headlights like they should and not extra's.


  • Still cant get it. Any ideas?

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