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[SOLVED]Cops missing.

  • So... my cops are AWOL.
    Suddenly, out of the blue.
    I have not added a new add-on, or mod, still... cops no longer are active.

    Is there a way to reset this, or is there something I can do to fix this?

    Thank you.

  • Anyone who has seen my frikken cops?
    Their still AWOL!!! :(

    Everyone, empty your pockets, who has them?????

    On a more serious note, anyone a clue on how to fix my no longer active police forces?


    Nope. Have you been working in dispatch.meta?

  • @ReNNie No, good Sir, I do not know where to find this particular file.
    I never had to go in there, thus I am not even aware of it's location.

    Do you happen to have a copy of this file, good Sir?
    This way I can compare both in N++...


    No need to send you my files as as a good modder you're using the mods folder method so your original files are still intact... Right? ;) Still wierd. Have you tried renaming your scripts folder to scripts_no (so that no scripts run)? Because it's either a script or a mod that's making your cops go AWOL me thinks.

    I've only made edits to dispatch.meta and popcycle.dat for use with these mods below.
    And have no trouble getting the bastards to chase me.
    Olanov's Cops: Back on the Beat v2.0
    Eddlm's Better Chases + Arrest Warrant v1.2

  • @ReNNie Wrong... see, being not smart, I do not use the MODS folder...
    I do had a backup, but this one too began to drop the cop...
    Strange, since I do not have a mod that alters things like popgroups etc.
    I did try World of Variety, but this mod kills the game like 10 to 20 seconds after I start the game.
    Asked for an older version, hopefully the creator will throw me a bone, so I can figure out where this mod conflicts.
    I am fairly sure that is on my side!

  • did you check in the trainer if you have not acidently ticked no cops ?
    Because otherwise the only way cops willnot show is if you changed the models, or dispatch meta.

  • @BladeRJ Well, I only use the trainer to spawn vehicles, I have not been in another setting...
    I'll go check right away.

    Well, it's not ticked...
    Would have been weird, too, if it was.

  • @BladeRJ @ReNNie Now... they are... back...
    I do not understand, out of absolutely nowhere, they re-emerged on the streets.
    Nothing is altered, nothing added or removed...

    I am entirely flabbergasted...


    What was the ingame time?

    Probably they were on a donut break!

  • @ReNNie It was over entire days game time...
    Weeks if not months ingame.

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