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Error: (modname) was not found on peds.rpf

  • I've been keeping edit mode on OpenIV active while putting the mods where I'm pretty sure they belong (GTAV\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf) and I type the name of the mod in addonpeds editor properly, but I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I dunno what it is.

    The peds menu shows up in-game (though my keyboard commands seem to have been getting screwy after finally installing it), and it'll show the peds as I typed them in the editor, but when I try to select one, it just says the mod isn't in the folder. Do I need to do something different with the editor? Or do something in the dlclist.xml file (other than the <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds</Item> line)?

  • I've been having this exact same issue to the point I even completely re-installed the game and all scripts / mods accosidated with this and still the mod is still not linking to the addonpeds folder.

  • I have the same issue with you. When I select the skin that I have installed it says Error:(modname) was not found on peds.rpf


    @ShonowTH You pressed the rebuild button in the tool after importing the ped? Other than that I wouldn't know. I've stopped using Meth0d's script.

  • Several times, yes.

  • I have had this issue since the update. My add on peds were working fine prior to that. After the various updates to GTA, Scripthook, OpenIV, etc, (all of which I updated myself) I noticed the error (modname) was not found on peds.rpf. I am going to try to uninstall AddOnPeds and reinstall it.


    @BleepYouBleepinBleep have you increased the ped related gameconfig.xml values too? If yes, than you've got R* to thank for another breaking update

  • @ReNNie Not sure exactly what you mean as I'm fairly new to modding.

    I did get it to work though. Basically re-read the FAQs and noticed this...

    Q: After game update the mod stopped working, why ?
    A: Everytime the game updates the dlclist.xml file is 'cleaned' and all mods lines added are removed. All you need to do is add the <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds</Item> line again.

  • please somebody solve this.

  • @Kissass96 search on the web and downgrade your game. If you are lucky and have the rockstar 7 disc version uninstall it all. And when you reinstall it you will be back to version 1.0678. You will be able to enjoy more addon cars, peds, etc. Search for gta v patchs on google you will find plenty of sites that have patches for different versions of the game. 1.0877 is the most you want to update your game. After that none of the new dlcs really matter. Gamepressure i think has some old update patches and various other websites.

  • When you copy <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds</Item> from the readme, there is a \ after the addonpeds missing. The \ is on the page, but when you copy it, it vanishes. So you have to add an \ after the addonpeds in your dlclist.xml. Even when I try to write the whole correct line here, the \ is missing in the preview. I only can do it like this: <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds[here should the \ be]</Item> .

  • @Fr3dFo0 tried it no results the same the strange thing tho is that i have a jesus mod and the jesus ped works from the start while the others dont hmmmmmmmm.....


    Maybe it's a miracle?

  • Hi. Not sure if this is the solution but I have figured something out.

    When you extract the xml file to add the lines (if you do it that way rather than edit it directly in OpenIV), depending

    on what you use to open it (Notepad, Notepad++, Word etc) and then edit it, when you save it (even if you do so as UTF8

    which is the indicated format) some of the characters become changed. Here is an example: the original XML file has this

    at the start:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Whilst the saved version, due to the change in encoding caused by saving with an external editor ended up looking like

    o;?<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Not sure if this is the solution or affecting anyone else but worth posting. I suggest editing only in Open IV instead of

    extracting and opening and editing elsewhere...

    Ok and I found another thing that might help.

    When I downloaded the XML file the backslashes were forward slashes on the file paths. Not sure why but watching videos

    many people had backslashes so I changed these. I did it by copying it from the built in text editor to notepad but not

    then reuploading that notepad - simply find and replace making sure to then fix the closing wickets on with forward

    slashes after. Then I copied the code and pasted back into the editor.

    I then used the 'check XML' syntax button and discovered that there was an error in the list that has been there from the

    source download. It may be that all the steps I took before this are irrelevant and unnecessary. Line 33 (I think it was)

    has a lower case 'i' for the Item tag. Changing this to an upper case I validated the code. This solved the problem!

  • This post is deleted!

  • if you have problems about solving peds not found on peds.rpf you can watch this videos

    here :

  • i have this same error, but my issue is now solved.
    check your mod folder, in my mod folder, i found that "x64" folder is missing. so i added "x64' folder then the issue solved.alt text alt text. sorry for my bad english :)

  • @TesoroExcalibur me to and when i went to go fix it in dclist.xml there was every problem from error line 0 col 0 the following tags were not closed so i copy pasted them just i =n case i needed them and then deleted them from dclist.xml then it said character > was expected on line 5 i need help

  • So theres no one that can fix the peroplem im have the issue i did every thing i got nothing

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