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[Request]Fast forward teleportation

  • So as per now
    there was instant teleportation
    but my request is , a mod that allows me to choose a location and then instead of teleportation
    fast forward me by driving , walking etc
    i should be able to choose the time in which to reach there so as to set the time taken
    i dont even know its its possible but i hope someone can do it

  • This is the closest mod to that.
    No choosing time though.

  • you didnt get me
    this is instant teleportation aswell
    If you know about the quantum break mod it basically slows down the world around you whereas you are in normal speed

    what i want is total opposite
    So when i give the way point, it takes control of player ( like vautodrive does) and fast forwards me to the place instead of teleportation

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