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Harsh or justified to say 'No' to helping people with cracked versions?

  • I've just been spending some trying to find a fault that one user was having with my mod. They gave me their (extensive) list of mods and I was working my way down. I had installed about half of them and my mod was still working fine.

    Then I got to a mod as they listed it, that was actually the Reloaded Crack for version 678. At that point I said no more... does that seem overly harsh, or should I maintain my stance?

    Do we have to accept that in modding a game that people have actively ripped apart, that we should cast the moral aspects aside and help everyone? As it's my first mod, part of me wants to err on the side of caution but as someone who spent their lives on the other side of the fence as a developer, part of me really doesn't.

    So what's the consensus among other modders, users with cracked versions... Help, or Don't Help?

  • Don't help - comments/mods supporting pirated versions will be removed. Also if someone gives you a low rating because you won't help, just report the comment and it'll be removed. Thanks!

  • if they cant afford a $50 game then they cant get support for it, that is my way of thinking.. you wouldnt get support on a cracked version or Windows now would you... (well different discussion altogether) but you get the point... A lot of the needed files for the mods wont even work on a pirated version so why are they even here to start with?

    My $0.02

  • That's fair enough. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going against the grain, so to speak.

  • @rappo I live in a country where literally no one sells original software/games. I did quick research just to make sure, I came up with the results of **0% legal retailers and 100% pirated retailers.**πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Pirating=easy money I guess.
    Rockstar and other popular developers such as EA don't deliver disk versions to my country. The other sites charge up to 40-50% tax to deliver here. (No thanks, I'm not gonna pay $100 for GTA VπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) So we have to move onto digital downloads. Then comes the other problems. Fortunately I have 5-6-7Mb/s download speed and I downloaded GTA V via steam in no time. ISPs don't offer unlimited data in here so I have 150GB per month package. It costs around $75 per month for me.

    As you can see some people have no choice but to pirate. People with average income connot afford the internet charges with around 15% VAT, even though they might be able to guy GTA V.
    Clearly it's not the developers or the customer's fault. And more importantly the clear lack of legal retailers is the problem.

    But there are people who can afford, but won't. (I really don't know why) Most gamers have 4-8-16 Gb RAMs and at least GTX 680s which clearly costs more than 60$ to build, they still see legal versions as "expensive". When I said I'm going to buy the Need For Speed 2015 Game, one of my friends said, "It's a waste of money, wait for crack". (He is still waiting I guessπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰)
    So not all pirated people are "rats" and a "waste of space on earth" as Trevor would say.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't support piracy and I clearly hope to keep my account safe from getting banned so I won't support it. I own legal versions of GTA V, Windows and all other stuff I have. I just wrote the facts I found during my research.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ You guys should totally stop supporting pirates. That would be a nice lesson for my pirated friends from here😁😁.

  • @Akila_Reigns Yeah, I completely understand those kinds of circumstances, and that's why I have not commented on the character/nature of piraters - of course there are all kinds. But I have no way of verifying every user's financial and geographical situation. Because of this and out of respect for the developers, who could most likely shut down the site with a cease and desist if they really felt like it, piracy discussion and support isn't allowed.

  • I have an automatic answer : "update your game" lol

    I have nothing against people using cracked games , i try cracked gta on my pc first to see if it can handle it , then i bought the game .

    I play gta since psone , and have always bought game , still have san andreas on xbox (not 360 , not one , only xbox) , gta4 on ps3 , and already have gta5 on ps3 .

    My point of view is , if you're smart enough to download/install/run crack game , then it's up to you to "fix" problems .

  • Whether it's harsh to kill your efforts to help, knowing the user is using a pirate/stolen install - that's for you to decide, it's your call.

    Personally, i take the 'f-o' stance when others try to get me to help them do unlicensed stuff with radio (broadcasting or otherwise) as much as i do when i get asked to help sort out playout systems and discover that they may legally own their pressings of the music (or have purchased the e-copies) but the moment i discover they aint got their public performance licensing in place - it's an instant 'F-O' reaction. Ditto for them using unlicensed software (they could use an open-source example, mostly free, or build their own) and pirated copies of Windows (not that i'd give anyone credit for being smart, running a radio station playout system under post Win2K or on Windows in general).

    And yeah, i've been accused of being harsh and way worse for it, but my standards are based on having done it right and played the game and if i can do it, so can they - if they'd get off their lazy f*kin asses.

    So go with your instincts and whatever standards you see fit to apply and damn them if they take it badly. It's not like you are doing the support bit for your mods for a living, or developing them for a living, so they can take whatever level (zero through total) of support and remedial updating you feel is appropriate, ditto for when and how.

  • How can anyone support pirated game users???

    They are the reason now we have all this DRM crap and must be online to play single player games crap.

    To me if you crack games you are also not to far from hacking and stealing peoples mods.

    I don't care who gets offended..

    The pirates are so embedded in the GTA Community now that its damn near acceptable these days because some of the best modders pirate these games.
    Its so common and acceptable now even users openly ask for cracked version fixes for mods here with no shame whatsoever.

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