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[Reference] Vehicle Sound Guide

  • Hello!

    Very often there are messed up sounds across vehicle mods. I consider myself as a "melomane" and I really love car sounds. My absolute all time favourite engine sounds, which always brings a tear into my eye is Toyota´s mighty 2JZ-GTE, especially when equipped with a HKS Carbon Ti exhaust and old-school Audi 2.2 20VT AAN/ABY engine. I once went through all the engine sounds in-game to find something of a good resemblance, but there weren´t both of them.

    What is the other side of the story? In the mean time, I wrote down V8/V6/R6/R4 and started categorizing all the engine sounds, so that it was easier for me to assign correct engine sounds onto my mods and other peoples´. I hope this list can solve many wrong sound problems, by making life much easier.

    I am building that list in the coming days, so right now it is HEAVY WIP, but you should get the idea. Always leave a comment, if you ARE SURE, that there are errors.

    I use names from hash-labels, so don´t get confused! You can copy-paste them directly under "audioNameHash".
    This is a raw-list, BOLDED names are my personal favourites and unbolded sounds are usually much more "generic".

    R4 petrol engines
    BLISTA - Lower revs
    BLISTA2 - Same as BLISTA3
    BLISTA3 - Same as BLISTA2
    BRIOSO - Higher revving 4cyl
    KURUMA - Japanese modern daily 4cyl

    B4 petrol engines
    SULTANRS - Yes, this is the Subaru boxer engine.

    R5 petrol engines
    Sorry, there aint one :( But your best bet would be NINEF with its similar tone V10 or if I am drunk enough, maybe OMNIS

    B6 petrol engines
    COMET - Yes, this is the Porsche boxer engine.

    R6 petrol engines
    CASCO - Classic sports cars. In theory would fit some older BMW-s as well.
    ELEGY - Japanese sporty R6. RB26DETT! Or simply said - Skyline R34!
    INSURGENT - Lower revs, better for trucks/vans, Chevrolet Astro?
    SENTINEL - BMW! Especially older models like E34, E36 325i/328i

    V6 petrol engines
    HABANERO - V6 engine with SUPERCHARGER!
    ROCOTO - Higher revving.
    SULTAN - Higher revving.
    WARRENER - Older V6.

    V10 petrol engines
    BANSHEE - American V10, higher revving/louder. Dodge Viper!
    JACKAL - Lower revving/more silent.
    NINEF - Germanese V10, as the car properly looks like R8 V10 ;) BTW, if ever, this resembles classic Audi R5 the most!

    V12 petrol engines
    BESTIA - Higher revving V12.
    BODHI - Beautiful bit older V12 engine sound, but with "diesel" idle :(
    BRAWLER - ?
    CHEETAH - Higher revving V12, ideal for many Ferraris and other supercars.
    GUARDIAN - Older V12, but with "diesel" idle :(
    SCHAFTER4/SCHAFTER6 - Modern V12 engine, suits best for luxury sedans. SCHAFTER6 is the same.
    TYRUS - Racecar V12, powerful stuff!

    W16 petrol engines
    ADDER - Powerful W16. Bugatti Veyron!

    Electric engines
    Nothing to write here, silent hill!

    Diesel engines
    Diesel engines are strange, they are mostly quite bad, basically there aint any modern turbodiesel sounds (Audi,BMW,MB etc.)
    CAMPER - I like this the best from the rest.

    There are quite a lot of V8-s in this game. They need a specific categorization, I will do it in a few days, 90% list done already. Feel free to comment!

  • @HRH you're not alone

    Perhaps it's more convienent working in MS-EXCEL to use sort orders etc.

    I've made a vehicle list for the vanilla version (so no cars from the dlcpacks just yet)
    That way you also have the real life version alongside the engine sound?


  • @ReNNie If I am completely honest, I don´t have neither MS Office nor OpenOffice installed right now :)

    I looked through Your file in web viewer. I find Your list and my list completely different, as it seems to me, that You were focusing on "correcting" vanilla vehicles, by giving them better name via GXT2 and proper engine sound. My list is more focusing on "custom tailoring", which means giving proper vehicle sounds to cars, which doesn´t "exist" in the game and need a bit more "out of the box"-thinking.

    I will think about converting them into a document, but I don´t want to rush, if I think up something "appropriate", I will do it.

  • @HRH maybe I'm wrong, but this list is to compile the name of the vehicle with the sound it emits right? Not what it should be? Like when you list the NineF, it is the sound it currently has in vanilla and not what it should be right? Cause in vanilla, it doesn't really sound like a V10 imo...

    Also, I would like point out a mistake in the list, the Adder does not sound like a V12 nor does the Veyron have a V12, but rather a W16, which kind of sound like the Adder, a sort of obscure turbo V8-esque sound. Coincidentally, the Adder sound can also fit well to the 4.0 biturbo V8 from Audi and Bentley found in the Audi S6/RS6 and the Bentley Continental GT V8S.

    Additionally, can you make it to a shareable/editable google docs/excel document? I would love to contribute to the list based on my findings with my sound swap mod.

  • @chang63 Basically, every vanilla vehicle has its sound. The point of that topic is to categorize their sounds. It is totally irrelevant, which is the vanilla vehicle, only sounds are important, because R* lacked focus on them pretty heavily.

    There are some different 4/6/8/10/12-cyl sounds in the game, which many of them are very alike (moreover, some of them are exactly the same).

    I like your Veyron-story. You are absolutely right, it is my mistake in a hurry(? because in all honesty, I knew it was a W16) and some newer Audis do fit that sound, yes.

    I will rewrite it into Google Docs and I will test the 9F sound, because somehow on my paper it is listed as a V10. If I remember ideally, then Felon sounded the same?

  • @HRH tbh, don't remember exactly how the original Felon sounded like anymore, been simply using my own sound swaps to have that Jaguar-like V8 growl :smile:

    However, if I remember correctly, I believe the Felon and Felon2 sounded like a V6 or some generic shared sound (which the 9F and Surano also uses I think), which is probably why I swapped it out in the first place.

    Additionally, I would like to add that the Nero does work as a Bugatti Chiron sound for the most part, and the Tempesta sound works better for Audi/Lamborghini type V10s, whereas the T20 sounds closer to Lexus LFA or Porsche Carrera GT's screaming V10 sounds, though with a slight turbo hiss...

  • Sound distinction is only a matter of opinion.
    So your guide would be cool...but def far from factual.
    I already see some car sound descriptions in your list that I couldn't agree with.
    And for the people who know me here know I actually owned and drove a wide range of cars.

  • @rastakilla I found the hardest to actually distinguish R6/V6 as with them, I agree, it comes down to personal opinions. I would like to hear Your comments from with to make according edits. I think this guide will never be factual, because the sounds itself are deliberately "generized", there is no point to write specific cars behind each sounds. This is and will stay as a "test&try"-method to find the ideal/realistic/most matching sound to your vehicle, main purpose of this list is to do the first and biggest step: sort all sounds by similarity (= in this case - engine type).

    Will find time hopefully tonight and gonna write my "noticements" of the V8s.

  • Is there a difference between Blista2/Blista3? The audio hash is different but I couldn't hear any differences.

  • @ikt they should be the same, and I believe they share the same handling as well

  • @HRH how is the list coming along?

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