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  • Hi i'm new here so nice to meet you all:)
    Was wondering if anyone would be able to make an MG ZR Car addon mod mk1 or mk2 or both?
    there was one for San Andreas as far as i know (Xpower version) would be highly appreciated if so! i'd promote this too on all the MG groups i'm currently part of as they'd probably love to see this happen aswell! :) thankyou.

  • @Jaybo96 Hi. This a nice request. I'm British myself and there is a noticable lack of British car mods in this game and games in general. Unfortunately for this request, there is no high quality 3D model available for free online, in fact I was only able to find one which costs $99 and even then It's hard to tell if it has a detailed interior modelled or not: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-mg-zr/517696

    I know a few 3D modellers who could actually build one for you for a bit less, maybe $60 but the model would take quite a few weeks to build.

    Also most of the few car modders taking requests here including myself will only be interested in taking your request if there's a reasonable donation involved ($35-50) due to the time and effort required to bring a high quality mod into the game, about 25-35 hours depending on the model.

    I'd say unless you're willing to fund it yourself then your best chance of seeing this mod happen would be starting a crowdfunding campaign either on this forum, the MG groups or both. I wish you good luck anyway and if you acqurie a good 3D model of the car or you're interested in getting one built then send me a private message here on the forum and I'll discuss how we can bring it to GTA V.

  • @Jaybo96 Ah, a fellow Rover and MG Fan! I'm currently trying to get a Rover 75 into GTA V, and I'm following very much the same route as the one @jspeed suggested - I'd definitely recommend creating a campaign or fundraiser on GoFundMe, if you can't fund the commission of a model on your own.

  • @jspeed Thanks for the reply I'll look into it dude and discuss it on the rover groups see if anyone else is interested, I'll be honest and say the $99 Zr model looks quite bad and it's highly inaccurate, whoever's created it had merged a mk1 ZR with a MK2, anyway I'll be in touch hopefully, cheers!

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