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Weapon Audio Filenames?

  • I'm trying to mod things such as the silenced carbine rifle and unsilenced with different sounds yet all I could find was an old topic listing the pistol sound filenames.
    Does anyone have a list of the rest?

  • @pnK most of the guns are located at mods\x64\audio\sfx\weapons_player.rpf\ however,distance shots, and riplle, bullets whizzles are located at \mods\x64\audio\sfx\resident.rpf\weapons.awc and not discernible what weapons is what sound
    Supressor sounds are actually generated by the game from what i saw.so whatever your gun sound its, the game will muffle that with its own algorithim,.

  • What I've noticed theres like you said two locations. You can for example replace the pistol sound in weapons.awc but in WEAPONS_PLAYER in sht_micro you can replace the micro smg sound. So as you said sounds are in different bits. You might be right about the silencer thing, only the pistoler silencer and I belive sniper rifle silencer can be changed. Still the facts that some weapons sounds are in weapons.awc and some in WEAPON_PLAYER is weird. You'd thing it would be one or the other.

  • @pnK reply to me or i wont see it........most of the sounds on weapons.awc is ambient, like when you fire a weapon, the gun fire sound in distance ? that is in weapons.awc ,thinks like ricochet,bullet whizz also some guns share audio too just with another sinthethizer.

  • Good to know I'd like to change some of them as well. Shame about the silencer though odd how the pistol would share a seperate one.

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