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missions not working

  • I have a problem I try to play a mission on single player mode but the mission is not responding it just makes everything on the map disappear... noticed it after I installed some mods don't know if that's the cause

  • Do you have OpenAllInteriors mod? I remember that this one mod alone caused a crap load of problems on my end.

  • @J9090 no I don't

  • @madein What kind of mod are you using and which mission is crashing ?

  • @madein just trainer mods and a few car mods

  • @madein one of the missions after Michael was kidnapped I'd already reached the ending but something moved my saved data back to around 57% now I go to a mission place and no cut scenes everything disappears from the map but I'm not giving any objectives

  • @madein Maybe it's a car I remember when i replaced the bhodi2 (trevor's car) wade couldn't get in the back of the car.
    Some cars are not fully working with mission

  • @cgz maybe i'll try it with a regular car

  • @madein if its not working try to use mission help in the trainer if it's possible to skip the buggy part of mission

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