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How to make peds/models e.g. (Spiderman)

  • I asked this same question last year and all I got was a few YouTube links with terrible tutorial presentations. All I want is a legit clearly explained video or a guide from a site. I want to make my own add on peds.

  • The first thing you must know how to convert a 3D model from others sources.
    Second you must know how to rig and proper weight the model to skeleton.
    Third you have to learn how to animated 3D models.
    Four you have to learn how textures, bumpmaps and speculars works.
    fith you must know something about how the 3D models works with scripts.

    Making a ped/model in not a simple or easy task like drawing in Photoshop or Corel. You must have knowledge and to a acquire that knowledge you first need to start with something easy.

    Start by modding textures and watch some of my easy tutorial modding MP peds on Youtube.

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