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Mod Approval Thread


    Hey GTA5 Mods staff, I noticed a bunch of people were having issues having their mods approved, hell, even I am. Whether or not it's because they accidentally uploaded something incorrectly or they legitimately need their mods approved after waiting for an extensive period of time, they still need assistance, so to aid pending mods (and to reduce forum clutter, because there tons of pending approval threads), I built this little thread. It can be accessed by those in need of their mods approved. Of course, the mod will still be required to pass the approval threshold (whatever that may be). So everyone drop what mod they need approved, and hopefully a 5 Mods member will grant that request and not lock down this thread because of me telling them how to do their job. :thumbsup_tone5:

    Moderator edit:

    Please wait up to 24 hours before posting your mod here.

    Moderator edit:

    Since many mods lack any decent form of description, it's hard to figure out certain aspects of a mod. If you'd be so friendly to use the following template, it would help us check your mods much faster.

    <!-- Don't forget to attach in-game screenshots of your mod if applicable! -->
    <!-- You can remove this template if you have your own style. -->
    <b>Short description</b>
    <!-- Please provide a description for your mod -->
    <b>Features and bugs</b>
    <!-- Please tell users what features they can expect, and what pending issues still exist, if any -->
    <b>Installation instructions</b>
    <!-- Please explain how users can install your mod and what they need -->
    <!-- Please add the people/groups who made your mod possible -->

  • I uploaded this yesterday. Would love an approval if possible. Thanks! :) https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/ice-poseidon-merchandise

  • @SlinkyCx You haven't uploaded a file.

  • Another reason I started this thread was to get my mod approved too, https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/maverick-livery-removal. Apparently it's been uploaded, but still awaiting approval: alt text


    @NaijaMango You haven't uploaded a file either.

  • @Jitnaught Lol I'm an idiot. I have uploaded now. Shouldn't try and upload mods when you're tired. ;)

  • @SlinkyCx I see it now. Will check it shortly :)

    Edit: Approved.

  • @Unknown-Modder Ight, I'm confused. So everyone's mistake is usually they haven't uploaded the mod, but then I still have this: alt text
    Does this mean I need to reupload the mod, or is it already approved? I really don't know.

  • @NaijaMango Click the mod, click the "Edit File" link next to the mod name, then on the edit page upload the file.

  • @Jitnaught Alright, thanks for the clarification

  • @NaijaMango Approved :)

  • @Jitnaught Great, thanks for that. Now this thread is officially open for business :thumbsup_tone5:



    I have pinned your thread!

    Great idea making this thread! I like the positive and proactive effort man!

    This thread will serve the community well and allow for transparent window to initiate dialogue about mods pending approval. Details can be sorted here in this thread but if necessary more complex discussions may be had via a private chat with a member of the moderation/admin team. In any event this is a good "window" of communication.

    Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • My latest map mod is still waiting to be approved.

    I did upload a second version shortly after the first because I noticed an object had glitched out so I don't know if that's why its not been approved.

  • @Zoidberg If your approval wait period is anything like previous ones, then you should be able to upload the update from the mod upload page. Don't quote me on that, I don't operate on the site. Also, love your mods Dr.Zoidberg.

  • I've been waiting almost 24 hours for my mod to be approved, only a mod to a vanilla vehicle so don't usually take too long for approval from past experience. When I uploaded it seemed to duplicate and make two separate, identical mods. I deleted one but the other is still waiting for approval. Any help appreciated!



    There is no mod in the queue under your username.

    Was this your Cuban 800 paint edit?

  • @DarthPungz Nope, was a Cognoscenti Cabrio edit. Weird. It's showing one upload as awaiting approval and the duplicate I deleted as unpublished. Shall I just remove the one that's awaiting approval and re-upload?



    I just checked again, not seeing anything from you. There are currently 11 Mods in the pending queue but they are missing in-game screenshots, or directions, or are of questionable ownership and that sort of thing...

    I recommend resubmitting the mod for approval.

  • @DarthPungz Okay I've resubmitted, hopefully it works this time! Will the bugged versions be removed from the My Uploads section automatically? They're still showing at the moment which is kinda annoying (but no big deal since it's only me that can see them).

  • Let's hope this thread won't get flooded with kids asking to approve their mods as soon as they submit them.


    @glennoconnell I have just approved it; it is live.

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