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Mod Approval Thread


    Hey GTA5 Mods staff, I noticed a bunch of people were having issues having their mods approved, hell, even I am. Whether or not it's because they accidentally uploaded something incorrectly or they legitimately need their mods approved after waiting for an extensive period of time, they still need assistance, so to aid pending mods (and to reduce forum clutter, because there tons of pending approval threads), I built this little thread. It can be accessed by those in need of their mods approved. Of course, the mod will still be required to pass the approval threshold (whatever that may be). So everyone drop what mod they need approved, and hopefully a 5 Mods member will grant that request and not lock down this thread because of me telling them how to do their job. :thumbsup_tone5:

    Moderator additions:


    :point_down_tone1: PLEASE :point_down_tone1:
    Please wait at least 24 hours before posting your mod here, 48 hours on weekends.

    Before submitting your mod here, check if your mod page contains files. Re-upload the file if it's missing, otherwise it will not appear in the moderator queue.

    You must link your mod page.

    Please note that you may not get response and that posts in this thread will be deleted occasionally.


    Having a good description will help us approve your mods faster. Please use the following template if you don't know what to put there.

    <!-- Don't forget to attach in-game screenshots of your mod if applicable! -->
    <!-- You can remove this template if you have your own style. -->
    <b>Short description</b>
    <!-- Please provide a description for your mod -->
    <b>Features and bugs</b>
    <!-- Please tell users what features they can expect, and what pending issues still exist, if any -->
    <b>Installation instructions</b>
    <!-- Please explain how users can install your mod and what they need -->
    <!-- Please add the people/groups who made your mod possible -->

    //edit ReN 12.11.2020 : this thread is actively monitored and requests for mod approval will be purged after being followed up upon :heavy_check_mark:

  • Guys its normal here, one of my items has not been approved after more than a month and a half, another for three weeks.

    Btw kinda weird how they allow people to upload stolen converted content from other games all the time.

  • @Don9 Yeah usually (almost always) the moderators of this site are inactive, but your mods should normally be verified by the moderator bot, not sure of the chances the moderator bot reviews your mod though.
    Also not 100% sure but I think taking content from other games and adding it as modified content to others is ok.


    @M8T said in Mod Approval Thread:

    usually (almost always) the moderators of this site are inactive

    Yeah, we're so inactive that I've seen this post after 2 hours since you've posted it. Veeeery inactive, yep.
    Please consider not spreading misinformation about what do we do and what not as you clearly have no idea about it. Thank you.

    @Don9 Usually there are no uploads that take so long to get approved. The only cases where that could happen are when the uploader forgot to include the mod file in the upload which happens from time to time for some people. Uploads which do not include any file are not being shown in the pending approval mods list so we can't even know that such uploads exist at all.

  • The guy is right from my experience...
    My files are uploaded correctly, you can go look yourself, before washing your hands.

    please go look up my rejected mod and you'll see I haven't gotten a reply in a month.

    It's great that we have the opportunity to share our mods here but it shouldn't be as hard as it is.
    your work is voluntary but so is ours, you expect a certain quality from us and we expect the same from you.


    @Don9 You were talking about one of your items that "has not been approved" and now you're talking about a "rejected" upload. Please decide of which upload are you talking about because is not clear.

    Also, you didn't even provide the link to such upload in neither of both replies so we can't check what upload are you referring to. There's not even the upload name as to try our luck to manually search it in the rejected pile browsing thousands of pages of mod uploads... We don't have any tools available to check an specific user rejected uploads individually so there's no way we can do that without you providing details/links.

    Due to that, telling us to "go look up my rejected mod" is ridiculous. First provide the details/resources necessary and later, if belongs, you might be able to request us do something for you about it.

  • @Reyser
    Both rejected and pending mean that they ''has not been approved''... in case you didn't know...
    In my first message I also mentioned that I was talking about two different mods.
    I don't think it's necessary to choose one of them when I have criticisms for both.

    Yes, it's ridiculous if you can't find my uploads, waiting approval or not through my username.
    If your database and website were made properly it shouldn't be a problem at all.


    @Don9 No, both rejected and pending do not mean the same "has not been approved" because their final status is different. Anyway I won't lose my time discussing unnecessary things like that, think whatever you want.

    Yes I agree, the site layout (which is not the database) was "poorly" made, not by any of the current staff but the old site administrator which username was Rappo. It was built back then in 2015 in a way that makes it extremely difficult (to don't say impossible) to apply any changes/additions without messing other and existing content. That's not our problem and is not something we can fix without migrating 5Mods to the main administrators site which is NexusMods (but the community does not want that! :shrug:).

    Due to that and now that you know it (even thought it wasn't a mystery either), unless you're willing to provide the requested links to the uploads you were referring to I have nothing more to say.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello, i got a message by one of my Mods, "This file is no longer available to the public. It will be reviewed and then permanently removed by an administrator." and dont even a information why it should be removed. Can someone help me

    Link to the Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/girlsgroup-pack-1-clyde-anims-animation#description_tab

    Can you maybe help me there @Global-Moderators

  • @ItsClydeTV Strange. Were they like some xxx dirty dancing type anims?

  • @gtavjamal Not really no, it was just a female pose pack as a group

  • @ItsClydeTV Weird. Sounds fine. Maybe it was a system glitch or mistake. Try either re-submitting or contacting one of the admin direct to check it out so at least you know who you are dealing with.

  • @gtavjamal so you mean to tag a Admin here or ?

  • @ItsClydeTV Yeah exactly

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