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Foggy Weather Ground Fog - Removal/Texture location/Info?

  • Basically I'm trying to remove this ground fog that appears in foggy weather conditions (see pic). Wanting to know where the texture is/what settings alter it? Any info would help. Thanks

    Picture here: https://ibb.co/dENXz5


    @_CP_ wrote:
    for the fog distance in all weathers look for lines inside timecycle files
    <fog_density> in weather settings

    @Razed wrote
    The "smoke" you're referring to is fog on the streets. It can be adjusted through weather.xml by editing and increasing the <Fog value=""> parameter under a specific weather.

  • @ReNNie

    Awesome, thank you ReNNie! Quick, to the point & correct. :thumbsup:
    Now just have to track down the water spray from car tires on the road (ideally I'll leave that in, just want to stop it being so bright when headlights are shone on it :fingers_crossed_tone1: . I'll post a new topic on that).
    Totally presumed that parameter in weather.xml would be for volumetric fog (I now realise that is in w_foggy.xml :blush: ). Thanks again

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