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I am a paying for: Add-On peds Fantasy vehicles

  • Here's the thing. I know most of you have Patreons for your mods (more specifically add-on peds) I understand in order to have a patreon account I have to pay a monthly fee? F**k that!! I don't need another monthly bill. I will pay you directly for your services through Paypal. If anyone is interested in making some money I will provide it. If you make Add-On peds, or add- on concept cars, or fantasy vehicles I am willing to pay your price. Thanks in advance.



    Hello! I love your username...

    Usually people are more specific... instead of ranting about people who charge monthly fees I suggest you rename the title of your post to a specific mod that you want made and edit the content of your first post to express the details of said mod and the fact that you are willing to pay for the mod to be made.

  • @roguegiant you should know that you can,cancel your monthly subscription on patreon page whenever you want without any problem and can also set monthly limit. People cancel their subscriptions when their,mod or donation is done.

  • @DarthPungz Well, for one, I wasn't ranting I was asking a question. That question was specific. I was asking for Add-On peds, and Fantasy vehicles. If a person was willing to do it, I would then name the specific ped, or vehicle. And thanks for liking my name.


    @roguegiant I have edited the thread title, hopefully some mod makers get in touch...

    What specifically are you looking for. I have always wanted that tank or drop ship from Aliens. Or a candy truck from Willy Wonka...

  • @DarthPungz I was thinking of something like the Enterprise from Star Trek, the Milano from Guardians of the galaxy, Naboo royal starship, Tie fighter, the balloon house from UP. As far as peds, I was thinking something like Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla, The jaagers from Pacific Rim. Voltron, Megazord from Power Rangers, Bart Simpson, The Beatles, Michael Jackson (from the 80s) E.T. The Notorious B.I.G, Mr.T,
    I know that is a lot, I don't expect half of these to be made, i just wanted to request some. I do a lot of Rockstar editor videos, and I like to go all out.

  • @roguegiant said in I am a paying for: Add-On peds Fantasy vehicles:


    There's a TIE fighter mod included in this pack - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/the-flintstones-car-funny-vehicle

    There's a Godzilla mod and a few others you may be interested in as a donation reward on this patreon page - https://www.patreon.com/quechus13/posts?tag=GTA V

    There's a Power Rangers mod (including Megazord) and a few others you may be interested in as a donation reward on this patreon page -

    This guy has a Bart Simpson mod but there's no link for it, you might be able to contact him for it -

    I hope that's some help to you

  • @roguegiant Only exists a modder in the whole world who can create or convert anything: peds, vehicles, weapons, maps, buildings, players, animals/creatures, even scripts. His hickname is @Rarefacer and he is so good that he is always the choice of great modders like JulioNIB and youtubers when needs stuff for their mods or channels. Also he's a busy guy, so, contact him and ask for your desired mods to see his availability.

  • @MetaGTA Thank you. You guys have been so helpful

  • @jspeed Thanks a lot man. I have the Homer, and Marge, I was wondering where Bart, and lisa was.. Thanks for the links.

  • @MetaGTA In truth there are many modders doing these kinds of mods not just on this site but It's nice of you to support Rarefacer, he is very knowledgable of GTA modding indeed.

  • @jspeed I just tagged him cause the request is about multiple modding skills and he manages all areas of modding. I know other modders very skilled like you or Foxtrotdelta or SkylineGtrFreak specialized in vehicles, others like Camxxcore or Stillhere or Sollaholla specialized in scripting, others like Alex189 or Fakeplastik or Madbreaker specialized in skins and others like Polkien or CP specialized in clothes and visual/graphics mods.

    It's just an opinion, I've requested multiple mods to Rarefacer and he always responds in skills, no matter what kind of mod.

  • @DarthPungz I learned a valuable lession today. I actually trusted some idiot on here to deliver something, and he scammed me. It was stupid on my part. I'm going to go ahead and forget the peds thing. I'm just withdrawing from the post. Thanks though man. You've been awesome.

  • Banned

    @roguegiant can you get a refund?

  • @F97 Nah, the asshole "xmrsh" pulled a quick one. Some people are really sick.

  • Banned

    @roguegiant Some people are just cu*ts report him to the gta5mods staff get him banned off this site...

  • @F97 Thanks man. I felt good about the response I got on here to my requests here. I got excited so I overlooked his ability to deliver. Afterwards I felt like a complete idiot, is was so obvious. I will report his ass though.

  • Banned

    @roguegiant bro that acctualy makes me feel sad asf for you please get him banned thats so shitty even tho you cant get a refund atleast you can get him banned from this site so he cant do it to anyone else

  • @F97 I'm finding out how to do that now.

  • Banned

    @roguegiant ps im spreading the word he scammed you i hope i can help :(

  • @F97 I thank you so much man. It sucks too, because I have been here for about a year or so. I come here damn near daily downloading, and I have uploaded. I will get him banned. I'll make sure of it.

  • Banned

    @roguegiant If i can help in anyway i will il make a thread about you being scammed then hopefully some nice members will make the peds you want for free :)

  • @F97 @roguegiant hESSS FKNN LITT


  • @F97 Thanks man. I was thinking of posting a thread here with his name "xmrsh" To ask the mods to ban him, but I figured they would say it's your fault. I didn't want to be a nuisance. But I still want to request a ban.

  • Banned

    Good luck man i hope it ends in your favour.

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