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[VEHICLE] Ferry Boat

  • Hello guys,

    this is my first request, I saw there are no ferry mod in the mod list, actually I think there should be ferry for transportation in San Santos, I found a 3d model on the web.
    alt text

    LINK: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/watercraft/recreational/ferry-boat

    I hope someone can buy it (I can donate some), and a developer will be willing to convert it thank you.

    Please make this awe mod I think it will get a good number of downloads.

  • The above model does look pretty low quality though. Still, it would be fun to have a ferry in GTA V - We already have one of the Isle of Wight Red Jet catamarans, made by our friend @elcreador! he may be able to help if it's a boat mod you want.

  • @Kiryu Elcreador stopped these activities for now, especially on 5mods.

  • @RsMods Oh, that's a shame.

  • @Kiryu Yes he was very competent. C is really a pity.

  • @Hysangaming If it needs money you should ask the author if it can be turned into a mod for a game. People work hard on those models and so it gives them a right to charge money and not have it stolen. Because it's real easy to rip a model from most games nowadays, the Source Engine is a relatively good example, a lot of Valve's games run on Source and with the right tools basically everything in the files is yours instantly.

    We do have other modders here who could convert this for you, but they charge too, and again, rightfully so.

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