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Getting setup with VS 2017 for scripting

  • Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this
    I'm not knew to programming and I've used Visual Studio before, but I've never programmed in C#
    I looked in the tutorials thread, but none seemed to be centered around getting setup, so I posted this -- sorry if there are already threads on this

    After my request in the requests thread fell to no response, I decided I should try make it myself and try to learn something at the same time. I downloaded the SDK for scripthook.net began searching for any tutorials to set me in the right direction

    that seemed to know what he was doing, but I noticed he's using an older version of visual studio. Since I'm a student I have a free copy of VS 2017, and when I go to make a new project, it offers me with several different options for class library and I'm not sure which one is needed for gta v scripting. They all seem to do slightly different things and have different menus / options associated with them and I couldn't find any that exactly matched the guy in the video. This is what I'm presented with:


    Any help would be appreciated


    You'll want the .NET framework class library.

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