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Gta 5 update???

  • i heard a new update is coming to gta 5 tmrw and when i use bypass launcher the game seems to crash, any idea on how to fix this, pls i dont want my mods to get fucked

  • @messi3194 hang on bro I'm just getting my game started - I'll let you know if it works or crashes

  • @krissboo any crash?

  • @messi3194 My game loads fine mate so not sure what's causing your issue. When does your game crash?
    Also make sure you back up all your mods and GTAV.exe and I can't remember the other 2 files you need to backup (@westcoastsosa will know) and then if the game ever updates you're covered.

  • @messi3194 ah shit I got a game crash but it was doing it last night before I used bypass launcher - think I gone overboard with too many cars again ;)

  • @krissboo I placed the bypass files in my directory and loaded the gta5.exe and when it loads the game it crashes at a black screen, I tried running it as a admin but no luck

  • @messi3194 In that case I have no idea - maybe try removing some mods and try again.

  • this is so frustarting, i tried blocking the launchers connection tru firewall and no sucess the game crshes at launch @krissboo

  • @messi3194 TBH you shouldn't have to do anything else but put the 2 bypasslauncher files in the GTA V directory and run gta5.exe. Have you installed anything since your game last worked before you installed bypass launcher?

  • @krissboo your folder should look something like this

    alt text

  • @krissboo no i havent installed anything b4, how come launcher and play gta 5 is as admin do i need to do that?

  • @messi3194 shouldn't need to man. Just run gta5.exe as normal.

  • @krissboo no when I load gta without the bypass or nothing it crashes, I’m litterally crying in frustration

  • @messi3194 I dunno what else to suggest. I suppose you could try and lower directx settings for now to see if it loads. Or move your mods folder and any scripts etc to the desktop and try loading the game with no mods installed

  • @krissboo try this go to documents/rockstar folder and open settings.xml in notepad or other text editor
    then find the line that says <DX_Version value="2" />

    Change it to 1, save then try and load game again

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