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New Mod Idea

  • Hello dear Community, I have once again a new Mod idea. I have unfortunately no idea how to write a script. That's why I need your help. If you like it let me know and if you can help you are welcome.

    This mod is supposed to be a new business like the new online updates.

    This or another yacht is the main center, such as the bunker, the office or the laboratory.

    This mod, DLC or, so to speak, this update, is intended to allow the smuggling of goods, drugs and rarities above and under water. Reach your bonds and take over the Pacific. You can steal the goods of other gangs at the port. You can buy staff to help with raids, dives and missions. In addition, staff you can also buy new and better vehicles.

    To give this mod something special, there are treasures in the water. You can collect them and make money. With the money you improve your staff and your vehicles.

    Here are a few vehicles that have already been converted and are perfect for this mod:

    Oceleto Ardent Aqua
    This vehicle is perfect. But until now only this vehicle can drive under water.

    Sea Ray 510 Fly

    Sea Ray L650 Express

    Sea Ray 650 Fly

    Rapid Boat

    Go Fast Boat

    Perhaps there will be more such brilliant boats and underwater vehicles in the future.

    Here are a couple of scripts you can summarize to create this mod:

    Single Player Apartment
    So in the way to buy the main center.

    Bodyguard Menu
    So in the way to buy staff.

    Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership
    So in the way to buy the vehicles.

    Trucking Mission
    Here is a script to deliver something.

    Treasure Map V

    I do not know if that can work. But your opinion would interest me. Just leave a comment.

  • Is anyone interested in doing this?

  • @CSQ574 give it some time.

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