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How to Add Weapons to the game without losing the components.

  • Im able to import new weapons to the game like shotguns (Weapons that dont use for example W_SB_SMG_CLIP_1) because when i add weapons that use a Magazine model, all the other weapons in the game lose their respective magazines i have tried everything, modifying the gameconfig.xml, adding the component to weaponscomponent.meta in the dlc or just in the update.rpf. And nothing works.

    I use for base the MG-42 Addon of MetroidGuy and im able to add shotguns, but when i add an Assault Rifle or SMG the game just refuses to load the Magazine, even though it loads just fine with the magazines and attachments from MetroidGuy MG-42 or the Magazines of Claude_III AKP Addon mod.

    Im lost here i just tried everything and it seems it just doesnt want to work, i have checked every line of code to see where did i fucked up but it seems no matter what, it just the game refusing to load more magazines or attachments (Probably because memory limitations ?)

    If anybody know the correct way of adding a DLC weapon + an Addon Magazine for that weapons that it isnt already in the game, i will be very thankful, i just add DLC weapons to the game for fun and i dont plan on releasing any of them since the models i took are from other Weapons mods that replace the current weapons in the game.


    @RenanBSN Been there...done that...had that.

    I've created dlcpacks for replacement weapons last March but never succeeded to import more than 5 in total (no matter if it's in one single dlc or multiple). Like you I started out with @metroidguy 's MG-42 as a base to learn from.
    It seems however more than 5 models is a guaranteed crash unfortunately. Size of the dlc doesn't seem to matter in that issue. And later game updates are even more picky?!
    Sometimes they spawn with the magazines, and sometimes without... Couldn't get my head around it.

    Mag present on BlackBradHz's AK-47 [4K HQ Animated], spawned via SNT
    alt text

    So, I ended up having 4 different dlcpacks with mostly hi-res animated models and working clips mostly, sound and reloading animations! Ideally from here I'd consolidate and add a shotgun dlcpack, a PayDay2, a MaxPayne3, a Melee pack etc.
    But I gave up for obvious reasons. The game frowns upon weapons dlcpacks :S
    And no matter how far I increase gameconfig.xml values I just ran into a wall.
    Besides, without a simple Add-On Weapons Spawner ( @ikt ?) it's a tad too much hassle imho to spawn the models by SNT by entering the name.

    US dlcpack: M249 - M4A1 - M16SP1 - M16A2 containing;
    M249 [Animated] by Jridah
    M4A1 [Animated] v2.1 by blade125
    M16 SP1 v2.1 [Animated] (+retexture by 420x420) by metroidguy
    M16 A2 Carbine Mod 727 [Animated] v2.0 by metroidguy
    Here's the meta files to my US dlcpack so you can take a look at the structuring

    AK dlcpack: AK47 - AK47G - AKM7 - PKM - RPG7 containing;
    AKM-7 .62 (Assault Rifle) [2K HighPoly] v1.2 by BlackBradHz
    AK-47 [4K HQ Animated] by BlackBradHz
    AK-47G [Animated] by blade125
    PKM MachineGun [4K HighPoly Animated] by BlackBradHz
    RPG-7 v2.0 [Animated] by metroidguy
    Here's the meta files to my AK dlcpack so you can take a look at the structuring

    PI dlcpack: M9 - M92 - COLT - DEAGLE containing;
    M9 Beretta [Animated] by Jridah
    M92 Beretta from PayDay2 v2.0 [Animated] by metroidguy
    Colt Delta Elite 1987 [Animated] v1.1 by BlackBradHz
    Desert Eagle .50Cal Silver & Black (Animated) by Jridah

    WWII dlcpack: MG42 - MP40 - P38 - M1 containing;
    MG-42 [Add-On Animated] v3.0 by metroidguy
    MP40 [Non-Animated] by Sobek
    Walther P38 [Animated 2K] v1.0 by Kaai210
    M1 Rifle [4K HighPoly Animated] by BlackBradHz

  • Nice to see im not the only one going crazy.
    When Script Hook V Updates im going to see if i can fix this issues, if not... Then is probably some game memory limits, maybe in the future this can be bypassed not by just editing the gameconfig, but by using a tool that lets the game load more weapons without losing the base game weapons components, or any other error.

    Now that you mention it, i think i have more than 5 weapons models added, that's probably the reason why this is happening, maybe we need to edit some weird line in gameconfig.xml that we simply dont know about, or it just memory limits that cant be accesed or changed by gameconfig.xml.

    Anyway thanks for you reply, you cleared my mind a little bit, hope we can try fixing this issue. If something comes up i will make a post or something.


    @RenanBSN why not 'watch' this thread or keep it bookmarked :)

    Hopefully more will chime in although there's not a lot a ppl messing with add-on weapons

  • So, after the new Smugglers DLC i have tried to reinstall every mod i had before this update... Since mostly of them are "DLC" type mods when i copied the new update.rpf i had to re install a modified gameconfig and rewrite the dlc lines in dlclist.xml.

    After some tries i could get the game working with all my addons, except for an add on weapon that i had before the update, at first this seemed strange since i could get the game working with all the Addon Weapons weapons, but since this update i cant make the game load the last weapon addon...
    i've swapped one Addon weapon line in dlclist just to check and the files of the weapon/DLC were not the problem.

    So what im thinking is... the limit of the Add on weapons was lowered in this Smugglers update.


    I do wonder if the game makes a difference between firearms and melee? If it does than at least you can add a rusty crowbar, Lucille etc. on top of the existing ones?

    Haven't tested that yet. In fact, haven't created a melee dlcpack all together.

  • i have a melee pack i downloaded... going to check if it works.

    Addon peds seems to be working fine, i have added one ped to check if the game crashed, but it seems add on weapons is the problem.

    EDIT : Addon meele weapons crashes the game too

    EDIT2 : turns out the pack i dowloaded doesnt work, i know what to try next so i hope this time works (im really sure addon melee weapons shouldnt crash the game like addon firearms)


    fingers crossed

  • Well... bad news, melee weapons counts as any other weapons... firearms or melee is all the same the game seems to limit it to 3 Addon weapons ( Before the update i could only load 4 )

    What i have loaded is:
    metroidguy MG-42 : https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/mg-42-add-on-replace
    Claude_III AK Pistol : https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/ak-pistol-add-on-dlc
    (An SPAS 12 i made myself)

    And i switch the SPAS dlclist line for this melee weapon : (to test if the mod work, and it does, but the spas,ak pistol and mg42 + this addon just crashes the game)

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/wooden-bat-add-on (Made by 420x420)

    like i say before the update i had 4 Add on weapons the MG42, the SPAS i made, the AK Pistol and this Flamethrower :

    (Made by OHMYMODZ)

    All the weapons except the MG42 (which requires a fix made by Claude_III) are supposed to be working on the Smuggler DLC Update.
    i guess when i have some time im gonna try something to see if i can make the weapons work (At least more than 3).

    i encourage you (if you have the time) to check if you can load more than 3 DLC weapons, because im not really sure if it is my pc not being able to load more content in the game, or it just some game weapon limitations.

    Oh and i almost forgot... the game before could probably load more than just 4 weapons, because when i tried to make the Grease Gun Addon the model of the weapon loaded, what was missing was the weapon clip (And base game weapons clips), i should try fixing that addon and see whats happends.

    I will post again if i managed to get something done.

  • Well... i have more bad news the weapon limit has got to be 3.

    I managed to get working the Grease Gun from when i first created this thread (im very sure i was doing something wrong with the weapon.meta file, since now is currently working). The thing is, i cant load it with the previous 3 weapon Addons i mentioned.

    So what i have is 5 working Weapon Addons, but the game can only load 3. The reason why this is happening is probably because game limitations, i have not other way to check this because it could probably be my pc too, if someone would like to load their game with more than 3 dlc weapons we could check if the limit is 3 dlc weapons, or it just depends on the user pc.

    Before the Smugglers DLC update i could load more than 3 weapons (5 i believe) but since i couldnt get the Grease Gun working at that time i tought it was memory limitations.

    The Gameconfig isnt the problem i can assure that, if it is a limit which can be changed its probably in the weaponcomponents.meta or the weapons.meta, if not, the limit is just hard coded i guess.

    Like i say before is someone is willing to try the game with more DLC weapons than 3 we could see if it is a limit by the game, or by the memory the game gets to load on a user pc.

    (i could upload my Weapons Addons just to test this, but i wouldnt release them as a mod, since i use models from other modders)


    I think it's hard-coded or due to the extra model info. But gameconfig.xml won't help.
    It's a shame really with so many great models around.

    @Unknown-Modder sorry to tag you like this but any opinion on this?

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