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Adding items on doors

  • Can someone please tell how to put like let's say a spike or any item on the side of the car door with zmoddler 3 i was attempting it today when i notice when i open the door the spike float there and it doesn't follow the door how do i make sure it stays on the door when i open it thanksss

  • @Kitten-blaster This happens, because your attached item is too big for the game system and therefore you need to add collision for it or you did not attach the new item with the door itself. In your situation, I would most probably not attach the spike with the door, but keep spike as a separate item (as misc_a for example). Then you create a collision, rename it misc_a[COL] and place it into misc_a and later place the misc_a itself into the door group. It is easier in theory, I havent succeeded with creating custom collision models, also.

    Sometimes, though, when the attached items are small enough, no separate collision models are needed. When I added Alpina deco-set #4 stripes onto my B10, then I only needed to attach them into doors and they don´t float, but use "door own" collision.

  • @HRH thank you very much for your helpful information, your advice works thank you.

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