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New to the GTA 5 mod world asking for guidance and tips.

  • Hello everyone I am new to the mod community and just joined. I have just made my first PC game purchase GTA 5 of course since I know there is tons of mods out there for this game which makes it very fun to try out. Any how Since I am new to this whole mod installing deal I was just asking if any body can help me out just giving me some advice of any sorts on what I should know pertaining to mod installs. like know about mod trainers, scripthook etc.. any tips of anything will be much useful.


    @zombienator89 Try the mods that you're interested in, read comments of the mod to get an idea what to expect, be patient. Install one mod at a time. Test the mod for at least 30-45mins before you install your next mod, to avoid game crashes/conflicts.

  • @zombienator89

    1. install OpenIV
    2. Install Scripthook and ScripthookV (currently not yet updated to v1.40)
    3. Setup the mods folder method using OpenIV.asi
    4. Install a graphic enhancement like Natural Vision Reloaded or VisualV in the update.rpf inside that mods folder
    5. From here you'll be able to select and download scripts, handling, cars, planes, peds etc to your hart's desire, install and test them
    6. Have problems with using multiple Add-ons? Than use a modded gameconfig.xml like the one from user Willief23.

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