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  • Well,
    the idea is about to allow people to download mods and let them go away from website, but once they come back on website, a window would appear, presenting the different mods that user downloaded like a list or idk, and ask people if they liked it.
    It could encourage people to Like mod insteed of just downloading them and would reward a bit more the modder work in some way.

    It could also be done with a rating system but since some people rate unfairly mod I don't think it would be a good idea.

  • Similar to what NexusMods.com does? - Example

    I like that idea.

  • Sound cool, nice idea

  • @GTATerminal exactly ^^ I just didn't know if I could talk about an other mod website (even if there gta 5 mod are pretty rare)

  • Sure it would also need to include a " Skip/Pass " button if player don't like the mod (to not force people to like xD)

  • Great suggestion, I can see this encouraging more likes on the site. At some point I'll see what it'll take to do this. At the moment it will be difficult because I don't permanently keep track of which files users downloaded.

  • @rappo good luck then ;P

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