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  • Can someone explain to me how I am backing up the GTA V game so that if I get a new update to the game I can go back to the previous version
    Thanks for the help

  • @cosmic79 Easy. If you have a mods folder, you can easily copy over the most important .RPF files (which is usually all of them, but more so x64e because you want your car mods, everybody does. as for peds I totally forget. try not to copy every RPF, you'll fill your PC and choke it to death.) Sometimes updates have specific patterns: here's one that's common for me:

    First thing that happens is I receive an update: the update takes rather a lot of time, so chances are it's adding new content.

    Then I try to launch my game, my game crashes upon booting because I didn't add the new update. So I edit my old dlclist.xml, and I add the new file. I also copy the actual dlc.rpf itself (the dlc.rpf, being from the new update, say gunrunning.), because then I can create a folder under the same name and write it with the same name in the dlclist.xml, so I do the new folder, and then I insert the dlc.rpf, then I launch the game, and viola!

    Also works for Add-Ons if you end up needing a new update folder.

  • I noticed that the game was automatically updated to version 1.0.1180.2
    And that's why the scripthook does not work Now
    what can we do?

  • forgot this in the other post, too late to edit, but anyways:

    about the update patterns, the one I mentioned was unfinished so here it is again.

    first update: adds new content but doesn't make mention of it.

    second update: enables it for GTAO

    third update: patches for glitches that were overlooked in the past. (<less frequent but still exists as an update.)

    @cosmic79 automatic updating? or did you actually try and launch the game but ended up updating it instead?

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