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[SCRIPT/VEHICLE] Interactive Trucks Mod

  • Wait until the new scripthook v comes out obviously but

    But i would be happy with interactive trucks mod

    this mod will allow people to interact with the flatbed to load vehicles up (Ik that there is one by i think ImNotMental) but stuff like that but with other vehicles maybe make a flatbed mule or regular mule or motorcycle/atv trailers loadup-able and attachable so they dont fall off, if you know what loadupable means lol

    (Maybe For Flatbeds) or for ImNotMental's Vehicle
    Also add like missions to them maybe, such as repo missions but you spawn the car or buy it somehow drive to a location to pickup a mission and drive to the vehicle get in the vehicle load it up bring it to a rendezvous point and get in the car drive it off the flat bed and into the (circle) that shows where to bring it

    or also other missions like that but different and more fun then the boring tow truck missions and also get a hefty payout randomized by the car and upgrades on the car and this is used by every car in the game with a txt/config file that allows adding addon cars to the list

    i have no experience at all with scripts thats why im here and i also dont know if any of this is possible

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