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My mods won't load and can't go on duty with LSPDFR

  • None of my mods in patchday13ng will load. The only mods that load are my sirens and gun sounds. I can't go on duty with lspdfr. Please help.


    What game version are you on? The Smugger's Run update added patchday16ng which might overwrite some patchday13ng stuff.

  • Latest update but even after I updated it worked before and why would that affect my LSPDFR? It loads but when I go on duty it crashes. Also I had installed a Met police station pack and that doesn't load either.

  • @ikt tried to install in 16ng no luck. When I go into update.rpf on The non mods folder it says it is corrupted. Is that the cause? But then why would LSPDFR not load?

  • You need to delete your mods and re-download them. Then you need the latest scripthook, which I believe hasn't come out yet. It will be a matter of time before you can play again.

    Edit* As soon as GTA updates, the majority if not all of your mods go corrupt, you just have to accept it.

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