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ScriptHookV Critical Error

  • Hello so, I'm having a problem with Script Hook V I never thought I ever would but it say's this


    No matter how many times I reinstall script hook and script hook dot net it still says the same thing.


    @Natvis No offense but are you blind?? Like, did you even read the error message? It says your current game version is not supported. You have to wait until Script Hook V gets updated (you can also revert to the previous game version in the meantime).

  • My game version is not pirated its Steam it's not my game its script hook it self So Are you blind?


    @Natvis lmao you have literally no clue what I'm talking about, right? I didn't even say anything about your game being pirated. There was a game update 2 days ago and Script Hook V hasn't been updated yet. So... all you can do is wait (or revert to the previous game version).

  • @Unknown-Modder @Natvis Woah! The engines have caught fire! Damn! :O (and i only just discovered this thread.)

    I think maybe one of our days got shat on somehow, so let me go ahead and try and extinguish the fire. (you may think i'm trying to be a douchebag with the what i am convinced with just a little thinking is my jokes, but they're not jokes. I ain't trying to be no douche.)

    Anyways, Script Hook V requires updating. As the error message says, their are versions which are supported, all of which are way outdated, but still used by some players due to being heavily more moddable than now (Take-Two/Rockstar Games intentionally change the way the game works so it's significantly harder to alter the files.

    You'll know when a game update has changed something, because a certain mod stops working. Example:

    Replace Phoenix.yft, phoenix.ytd, and phoenix_hi.yft (x64e vehicles folder) with 2004 Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo spawns instead of Phoenix. Update game, launch game, spawn Phoenix, when expected car was a 2004 Monte Carlo, end up needing to install the Monte Carlo in one of the patchday folders. (this is often the case for me when I update.)

    Script Hook V is a slow updating script (the author has a life), but when it does update, you're supposed to download it and install it the same way you normally would, this applies to ScriptHookVDotNet, too.


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