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Titanic Map From GTA IV In GTA V

  • As I am typing this Reyser is testing the current build of my Titanic Map converted from GTA IV, here are some screenshots from the first build, but please note if you spot the black spots those are fixed in the current version that is being tested

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    *Screenshots taken by @Reyser *

    Forgot to mention, I should get it released today and also I am getting more screenshots of the current build
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Also just out of curiosity how much do you want this mod on a scale of 1 to 10?


    cue 'Nearer My God To Thee'

  • @Derpy-Canadian 10 this is so cool!

  • Just a quick update, I am having some issues with gtxd parenting so this will be delayed

  • Just fix the shadows, add lights that cast shadows, add darkening spots (an effect you get when you go under bridges or tunnels), then fix the textures (or make the plants and chairs 3D), and bam, authentic Titanic model.

  • @krashadam fixing shadows and adding lights iis stuff I have never done, darkening spots? what effect when you go under bridges or whatever? when the screen goes darker again something I have not researched and also as for those black spots I fixed those on the second version

    forgot to mention, the black in the models of plants and chairs was not even anything to do with the texture, it was the model itself

  • @Derpy-Canadian I mean when you drive under a bridge or a tunnel that a model gets darkened. You never drove under the bridge going past Benny's?

  • @krashadam oh, I see but still thats not something I have ever researched soo

  • @Derpy-Canadian maybe Dekurwinator might know a bit about it... gotta tell you, i ain't no professional map editor myself, but I've always had plans about new GTA 5 maps, I'm sorta getting bored of the same old Map Editor house's and drift roads.

    You know, it's amazing. We have hit a whole new level of map editing, and we still use props for city building. Trust me, I don't mind a Map Editor map/Menyoo map if it's actually a good build, but if you want a big town to drive in, props IS, and also NOT the way to go. (unless we're talking something like MAPEDITOR2YMAP or the Menyoo equivalent of the same converter by sollaholla.)

    See, you gotta think in quality. Is it a good and well made build? (like The Great Island by T3mas

    Take a look at that for a few minutes and think about the potential of using the ability to port custom models into GTA5 and use them later for map building. We have the ability to make high quality models and port them into GTA 5. With the right quality models, we can make high quality maps way more easily than we normally could.

    Plus, turning it into a YMAP helps too, because then you can expand upon your work.

    (idk how i got into this lol, i guess it was just something to think about. XD)

  • @Derpy-Canadian not sure that it's what you're talking about ( i read quickly) but try a dark vertex paint, like dark red
    about chair you must use a cutout material i guess

    @krashadam I already started to add back gta prop in order spawn them and have a cool database for building map even for newbie.
    But well, started this longtime ago and was begginner. So it's made with zmodeler since gims wasn't there wich mean skinned prop ( not usable with ymap) and basic colision.
    That a project I wanted to perform, but all my teamate was beginner ( except dekurwinator that initiate me and i'll always be thankful to him for that ;)) and some of them stopped to mod gta ;S
    I would like redo it with Gims now, but there is not enough tuto so i'm still learning.
    And anyway, I need more people cause at two people it's really boring and huge
    but most of modeler are just caring about their own mods and don't wanna concurence ;S

  • @Shaezbreizh ye I replaced default with cutout_fence

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