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How To creat 2 Door Car wit 4 Usable Seats

  • I have 5 3dmodel car with 2 door but they have rear seat
    in real life People push the front chair to front and they go to the inside of the car and sea on the rear chairs
    But in GTA the rear chairs are unusable in 2 door cars
    I want replace thet cars with a 4door car in the game i need rear seats
    For example in missions Lamar and Michelle Cant go inside the car and i cant complete the mission But if i can use rear chairs of the car i can compelet the mission
    How can I do that in z modeler for working rear seats with just 2 door .

  • @GTA-Elit Maybe try to replace 4 door car and in zmodeler use door_pside_r and door_dside_r dummies even if there is no door there.

  • @GTA-Elit Not possible because there are no animations for pushing front seats forward and those back seats are not usable! You know GTA V is not real life, it has many things which are just visual sugar but not usable or interactive. Well of course you could rebuild those cars from scratch in Zmodeler but you still don't have the animations needed for entering such a car. The passengers would either warp onto the back seats or go through doors where are none.

  • @Cyron43
    is that possible rear passengers go inside without animation ?
    when i wand do a mission Trevor is trying to go inside to the rear of the car but after several time hi cant and i can complete the mission

  • @GTA-Elit Please read my comment again because I have edited it in the meantime.

  • Thanks for answering

    in bus all passengers go inside just useing right front door and it hava animation for it can i use that ?

  • @GTA-Elit Just imagine how that looks on a regular car.

  • @GTA-Elit Are you a Menyoo user? If so, I suggest using the object spooner. If done properly you can attach a ped (spawned by you) to any part of the car as well as have it play animations and loop them. Find an animation for general seating, then find your desired car, and use the object coordinate editor (built in Menyoo.), and then attach the ped to the BODY of the car, then use the coordinate editor to move him/her/it into any seat in the car.

    This may be to hard for you but if you need to bring your buddy with you then I suggest going into Spooner Mode, point at your buddy, then do as said before. Detach him and move him out of the car if moving on foot.

    Hope this had helped. Sorry but so far this is the only way.

  • This post is deleted!

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