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Notification for new comments on mods

  • Hello guys!

    Such people as myself like to maintain their mods and help people directly, if they have any problems or troubles with them. I often notice how people comment on my mods and because there is no notification, these comments are often ignored and unanswered. I really doubt, that I m the only one with this subjective "problem".

    To counter this problem, I would suggest, that we get notifications like "<user> has added a new comment to <mod name>". I think this would not be a problem from programming point of view or effort - maybe for the site load or database (I m not a web dev lol), but definitely the developer-user connection and communication would be better and probably a better mod quality could be achieved. Also a toggle option for each mod would be nice - or some devs will drown in notifications.

    So what is your opinion on that and is this a realistic enhancement? How would you realise that? @rappo

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Kryo4lex

    @rappo isn't active as admin any more, @administrators would be a better mention.

  • @Kryo4lex Were you on a hiatus last few months? Because uh...

    @ikt said in Notification for new comments on mods:


    @rappo isn't active as admin any more, @administrators would be a better mention.

    ^^^yeah. If you were, welcome back. As for the comment notifications, they exist already, only if the commenter has tagged you in the reply.

    If you mean a notification for a general comment, then yes, I support it.

  • @krashadam i know that you get a notification, if you are tagged. But I think that isn't enough. So a general notification would be nice.

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