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Are my mods active?

  • Heya folks. Usually play GTA 5 on ps4 but saw that photo realism mod so wanted to play it on PC as well. Anyway, I installed openIV, Visual V and Natural V mods. I managed to install those two latter mods using open IV. However, I can't seem to get GTA 5 running USING open IV. I can get it running by going to the actual GTA 5 directory, but I don't know if the mods are actually active or not if I'm not running it through open IV.

    Kind of confusing I know. I guess what I'm asking is, when I installed those two mods using OpenIV, are they know a part of the base game? Or do they only activate if I run the game THROUGH OpenIV?

  • Please be more descriptive.

    You're trying to run mods VIA OpenIV but they aren't running, or you can't launch GTA 5 via OpenIV?

    Mods will work either way as long as they are properly installed. That's the only bit I can tell you. (since i don't quite get the other half of your post.) If a mod isn't working you probably installed it incorrectly.

  • Well it's hard for me to tell if they're running or not since they are visual mods that enhance the photo realism of the game. I could "install" the mods using open IV, but I can't run GTA5 with open IV. There's a "Run GTA V" button in the program that just doesn't work for me. Have to run the game straight from the GTA 5 directory itself.

    Not sure how to be any more descriptive than this... For installed mods to work, does the game need to be turned on through Open IV? Or are they installed no matter how I start the game?

  • @Mavsynchroid You don't need to run GTA V through OpenIV. OpenIV permanently modifies the game files (I hope you didn't modify the original files but instead copies of them in the mods folder!!!), hence the name "mod".

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