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[VEHICLE] Lockheed P-80C Shooting Star

  • Another requested mod, please same livery leave reply if interested we will discuss pricing if you are interested, thank you.
    alt text
    More mod requests coming soon

    Mod Request Rules
    You need to have at least five mods on gta5-mods.com on your profile. (Do not ask me if you say you don’t post mods I only do private mods to this website, You are on their platform you are required to release all mods requested to gta5-mods.com)
    No private modders, If it is requested publicly it should be released to the public.
    You will allow me to try the request in beta forum, payment will be made when mod is completed, Under the author you will put your name then mine.
    Also you will be required to send me unlocked version of the request.

  • @USKR-Sabre let me finish these first make a priority list and we will get from there :\

  • @FoxtrotDelta There is no priority on the aircraft, which ever models you have first can be priority or whatever ones you want to work on first, I trust your work so anyone you start on I will be happy with.

  • @USKR-Sabre i have almost all of the 3d models in High quality. i guess i will proritize with the easy ones first.

  • @FoxtrotDelta awesome thank you

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