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5Mods - "ScriptHookV checker"

  • After the last update I wondered if it would be possible to make something like a warning message on 5Mods itself saying something like

    "GTA V Version: XY "name" is currently not supported don't update or backup files" / "GTA V Version: XY "name" will be out on XY. And will not be supported by now"
    and when the scripthook update comes out something like
    "GTA V Version: XY "name" supported now. Download here"

    I think this would help a lot of people asking why GTA isn't working anymore / preventing this for user who aren't informed about updates.

  • @MCZocker32 Dude, ScriptHookV already gives you this message. If you launch the game with an outdated ScriptHookV you will be told it's outdated and no longer supported.

  • @MCZocker32 SHV already gives you this message, so people already know when they come complaining into the forums.

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