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GTA V Vehicle Mods

  • I added the addon tool to the game and when the game is opened, after 2 ci picture, I get the error of the game. Thanks to the helpers in advance, I am using 1.36 update of the game.


    Have you considered reading my reply to your previous topic?

    @ikt said in GTA V Vehicle Mods:

    You're not being very comprehensible. What is addon tool 1.36 update?

    What's the error?

    Please read this.

    Also 1.36 (1.0.877.1) is very old. Update your game to 1.40 (1.0.1103.2) or wait for a ScriptHookV update.

  • I have updated my friend to 1.40 but at 1.36 I still have tools to work with.


    @BoGeYmAn Avoid creating multiple topics for the same thing. Redirect the dicussion to the main one. Thread closed.

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