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Tow Truck Add-ons

  • I know this is a somewhat dumb and insignificant question but does the hook on an add-on tow truck work ( can it be raised/lowered,etc.)? And like can a add-on tow truck still tow vehicles? I've already heard that in order to actually use it in like LSPDFR, other scripts and in the in-game towing missions you would need to replace the default one but I just want to know if it could still tow and do it's job. If not, is there any way to make it do so? I've seen a mod that actually adds police slots in to the game instead of replacing them so would it work with that mod? Or are there any functional tow truck add-ons (as long as there's one that's functional I suppose I could always try to use the code from that one and implement it to the other tow truck mods to make them work as well. idk. I'm not too experienced with coding).


    @Number1GojiFan Why don't you try it out and report back? Isn't modding about trying things out, troubleshooting, working around and getting things done?

    That being said, I have solo's CEO Towtruck (find it via the infamous gtainside) in Add-on and afaik it works flawlessly with supported functions.

  • @ReNNie Some people prefer saving megs before downloading.

    As for the Towtruck mod, faintly recall trying one out (think it was a russian tow truck or something, cause I downloaded Criminal Russia V and I wanted some russian cars to go along it.), and the towing piece still worked.

    So... as long as it's vehicle stats have been programmed to be a tow truck and that the hook has been properly rigged I'd say yeah, probably.

    (if you want to know the mod I'm talking about specifically: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/gaz-21-wrecker)


    nvrmnd k bye

  • @ReNNie what....? all because of my reply? VVV

    "What the fuck?" ~Carl "CJ" Johnson, San Andreas 1992

    (this is confusing i dont even know why i got the response i did.)


    @krashadam i was going to rant about users asking for just about everything shy of wiping their @sses. Instead of trying out and learning from it.

    But, figured why do I even care? The sun's out, I'm well fed and couldn't care less frankly. Besides, I don't want to end up bitter and suppressed like some temporarily banned users :D

    So in no way was my previous remark directed at you personally.

  • @ReNNie oh lol. sorry i was up during the night and shit, lol.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ReNNie In my original comment I did say that I KNEW it was a DUMB and INSIGNIFICANT question. Anyways, thank you for your response.

  • @krashadam Alright, thanks man :).

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