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GTAV YCA carpack game crash/infinite loading screen.

  • Okay, so:

    -My GTA version is 1.0.1180.2
    -I got the Naturalvision remastered , visualv , vivid textures, la roads and yca car pack.
    -I got a problem with YCA carpack (I guess it is a problem with the gameconfig)
    Pastebin for asiloader - https://pastebin.com/wRdDk0TH

    I have tried several gameconfigs for this game crash / infinite loadin screen issues. Some of them removed the crash and restored the infinite loading screen and the other ones the opposite.

    Thank you for help anyway.


  • @Biggdogg Yes I have tried all of those from 1.0.1130 , no crash, only infinite loading screen.

  • @xTRIGGERED i havent updated my gameconfig yet for 1.0.1180. Plus you have to wait for scripthook v to be updated for 1.0.1180 as no mods will work right now for that game version.

  • @Willief23 Man, the idea is, that all the mods (Naturalvision Remastered, visualv, la roads, la vegetation, vivid textures) are working without the YCA carpack mod on 1.0.1180, that's the point i can't understand, how all the mods work, only those car mods. I strongly believe that i need a gameconfig configured for 1180, not the scripthook though, thanks for your opinion though.

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    @xTRIGGERED I'm inclined to agree. any car mods I'm adding are crashing the game, but everything else, including scripthook is working just fine. weird.

  • It seems like not Scripthookv was the problem. I have downloaded the last version right now and still no luck. The gameconfig is the real problem in my build right now.

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    I'm in the same boat. whenever people here see hook has been updated, I hope somebody will update a gameconfig.

  • @KingsixIII Why are you banned?

  • @SirDriken He was showing an uproar of rude behavior towards other users. Saw a thread that had him lashing out at the moderators for "being cheap and lazy" and to "do their job.".


    @xTRIGGERED have you tried Dilipated 's gameconfig.xml?

  • King had 1 or 2 other names that got banned for the same reason for being rude. And they all had kingsix as part off the name surprised he didnt get banned almost right away.

  • My issue has been resolved with that config.. however the YCA Carpack mod isn't loading, so that may be my next issue i guess :))))

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