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Gta online with mods (auto enthusiasts)

  • What if we don't have to settle for five reborn or multifive.

    That's right we don't! I've been playing gta online (graphics mod & car mods) with friends for weeks without a menu & didn't get banned.
    Rockstar has said they don't ban for this type of stuff.

    But yesterday i used jordan's menu & got banned. As proof that it is safe to use simple replace mods

    Who'll join us? :D

  • @simplysynyster more safe to use fivereborn for mods, it was almost made for, I don't mess with rockstar business

  • No. Just because you managed to dodge a ban does not mean that others will be as lucky.
    Rockstar has made it clear on multiple occasions that they do not approve of modding within their Online service.
    Therefor all talks about Online modding are banned on this forum.


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