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Car modding - help required

  • Hi guys,

    I just started working with zmodeler in order to create a new modded car for GTA 5.
    I managed to convert the model from FH3 in zmodeler, made the adjustments but now I need some help from someone who has been working with this. What is the next step after you convert, arrange the entire vehicle in zmodeler?

  • I should mention I have some experience with 3D Modelling, texturing etc but this area is kinda new to me and I need some guidance :D

  • @thebadbone23

    I haven't done any myself yet but have been looking into making a start and spent some time searching the internet and watching youtube videos. Most detailed guide i found was this one, although i did need google translate as the writing is in French. Hope it helps


  • @Christian6984 I know the guy, yeah,all french, his streams as well. I will try and contact him though, I need to ask some questions :D there are some things that are not clear for me. Thx

  • @thebadbone23 Honest answer is, that when you have "converted" and arranged entire vehicle in zmodeler, next step would be exporting it as .yft ...

    Be more clear...


    Importing source files, setting up bones, setting hierarchy, assigning materials, export and test?
    Ha, it almost sounds easy when you write it like this. I doubt I'll ever get it tho.

  • @HRH Ok, this is the current status:

    The thing is that I do not know what should be next, like I have no idea and I cannot be more specific. I only need to find out the steps and not how to make them, I can figure that on my own but I would like to know the steps on creating it. Like @ReNNie said, should I now export a somehow similar vehicle from GTA5 with OpenIV and use the bones (I guess the dummy and the colision objects) from that?

  • @thebadbone23 If I were You, I would now import any random vanilla car into your project. Open OpenIV and extract random vanilla vehicle into your desktop (Tip: I would take maybe Buffalo2, because it has most of the common dummies inside). Then just open your project and "File->Import" your model (NOT "_hi", but the buffalo2.yft!!!). Open up the vanilla model and look through it. EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE MODEL YOU WILL EVER WANT TO GET WORKING IN GAME, MUST HAVE THE SAME HIERARCHY!!! It means, now just start following the hierarchy. For example, the buffalo2 has "windscreen_r" component, which is surprise-surprise - the rear windscreen. Find the rear windscreen from YOUR model and rename it into "windscreen_r". Now find up other parts, for example, "door_dside_f" is the front door on drivers side. Find front door from YOUR(again) model and rename it as "door_dside_f". You will do this, until you get the same hierarchy. In other words, your model hierarchy must be the same, as the vanilla car, with which you gonna replace him into. Now read my bold text again and I hope you start to understand, that you are not CREATING a vehicle, but REPLACING a vehicle. That is why you need the same hierarchy, just to later throw it over 1-1 :P

    Basically, your next step is to "play constructor" and get rid of that big pile of stuff you have there. Your goal is to get the same hierarchy (bumper_f,bumper_r,door_dside_f,windscreen etc.) as any vanilla car.

  • @HRH Holy shit that's so well explained :))I'm almost done with that part.
    I'm guessing that by naming the files the same as the vanilla model files will not assign the materials too right?

  • @thebadbone23 No. Materials are different business. You can map every material on any node (component) you want, zmod3 doesn´t do it on its own.

  • @HRH I'm asking because I've seen some videos on youtube, the guys changes the type of the material, for example vehicle_mesh and some parts automaticaly was changing...no idea what was going on there.

  • @thebadbone23 Changing the name of components won´t make any differences in materials, I thought, You mean´t that. But the answer for Your next matter, should be, that when you choose some specific shaders, then zmodeler3 sometimes "preconfigure" them a bit. This is not a problem or a bug. It is meant to make Your life a bit easier. Different shaders have different configurations(detail,bumpmap,specmap,envmap). I will not describe them separately, just start playing with them:

    vehicle_mesh - use for mirrors and chrome (as you can see, it features the "envmap", which gives you automatic sphere reflection). You can sometimes use it on the other parts as well (if you want to remove "chrome-effect", just put any black texture into "envmap")

  • @HRH I can't thank you enough, really, you are very helpfull. If you need any help with photoshop, that's my area of expertise so I can help out there :D

  • @thebadbone23 Biggest thank You would be a bunch of new nice mod cars in GTAV :)

    We cant make all of them on our own, You know. Welcome to the club.

  • @HRH That's why I'm struggling to learn this, I'm sick of using something that it's already made :D
    Also, are you using Discord?

  • @HRH Ok, let's say I changed the name of the components to replace the vanilla ones, I'm guessing now I have to assign the materials and after I should merge each component parts into one, for example the bonnet has 5 pieces, I should make it into 1. I'm guessing I cannot assign materials/textures to a specific part of a component if it's only 1 entity.

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