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Still spwan stock zontono in the game after replacing

  • Hi guys. I have a wired problem in my game. I replace Lamborghini egoista car file with game stock zentorno. But when I back to game and try to spwan lambonghini egoista its spwan that stock zentono file. I tried another car with zentono file. But nothing change. I replace this from patchday3ng this folder . I feel very bad about this which is bullshit. I don't know why this happend. Please help me to fix this

  • @Sabbir-Ahamed-Maruf add the car to either patchday8, patchday10 or patchday12 dlc folder whichever one has the vehicles.rpf file.


    Use OpenIV's search function to search for Zentorno files. Then replace the latest/newest DLC ones. The car got updated since that mod got released.

    Try patchday9.

  • if you place in patchday 3 and there is another in patchday 12, youre not going to see it change as it hasnt really been replaced. Youd have to replace it in patchday 12 for it to work correctly.
    Assuming patchday 12 is the latest rpf with the zentorno files.

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