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ERR_SYS_PURE after a while

  • Hey !
    I've got a problem with the game, I think it's due to the mods, whenever I let the mods activated ( not the scripts though ), the game crashes after a while, it says something like " ERR_SYS_PURE Reboot System and launch the game ".

    It's pretty annoying, and it happens only when I have mods installed ( I think ).
    I have a pretty good PC :
    i5 4670k
    GTX 1060 6GB
    8GB ( not that good, I know, but it's fine for the game apparently )
    1920x1080 60Hz screen
    Windows 10

    Any help please ?

    Thanks :)


    @DownloadPow said in ERR_SYS_PURE after a while:


    Congratulations. Actually never had that one?

  • Not before this came out obviously, why ?
    What is it due to ?

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