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gameconfig.xml issues

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    so I haven't had much time to game since the update, but today I finally got some time to mess around. after using my back up to restore the game I can't add any more than 3 cars. after that, the game just crashes when I try to spawn it. none of my working dlc's from before the update work. at all, as in crashes the game.

    things I've tried;

    • googling this issue and searching multiple forums.

    • pretty much every gameconfig.xml I can get my hands on.

    • restoring update.rpf and using a "clean" game directory ( no scripts )

    • starting a new dlc, using only models I know worked previously, without issue.

    • quiet meditation

    • verifying that everything (gtav.exe, gtavlauncher.exe,update.rpf) is on 1.0.1103.2

    scripthook is working fine. it just really feels like the gameconfig is the culprit here. I'd been using @F7YO gameconfig, but like I said, I think I have tried all of them at this point.

    the only thing I did differently this update was allow the game to update, then roll it back. normally I just use BlockGTAV.exe to stay offline until scripthook, etc etc catches up with the current version.

    obviously I'm missing something, but I'm stumped as to what. any ideas ?



    Maybe you could manually increase the values on FragmentStore, MetaDataStore and TxdStore by a 1000 per test-gamelaunch

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    @ReNNie thanks for the input, but it did not work.

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