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Script Hook update

  • @eshenk Ok. However, I only do add-on vehicles. I've only replaced one or two vehicles but since changed it to adding only addon vehicles.

    Will I still need to make that edit?


  • @krissboo LMAO. Virtual upvotes count too. I am gonna make a virtual-upvote-mod, so we can all have insane levels of upvotes on this site, and feel like we are really going places in the real-World, LOL.

  • @vendetta1969 Not unless you start randomly crashing would I worry over this. My suggestion was for those that does lots of replacements as I do.

  • Ok thanks, yeah I'm adding one or two mods then testing out the game several times before I continue. I'm also going to start making backups after so many mods...I like multiple backups of the complete folder that way I can restore if needed if something down the road goes haywire. I have plenty of space so that's not a prob for me.


  • @vendetta1969 generally it's only if you use replace vehicles as they will naturally spawn in traffic but addons don't.

  • @eshenk Looked at the log. Although the manager is loading the "modded" folder, the social club is loading the Vanilla folder instead. Would explain a t lot. Thank you for your help.

  • I've got mine working again. I was not feeling confident so everything i was going to change or replace i made a copy of and placed it in a folder as a backup just in case. Here's what i think i did...

    Deleted the old and Added the new ScriptHook V and dinput8.ddl

    Added newest gameconfig in openiv (here it says the update.rpf has to be updated in the mods folder) but before doing that i took a copy of the entire 'mods' update folder from when i could last play the game and placed them into the safe back up folder just in case. It kept my dlc folder with all my cars in it but the dlclist and extratitleupdate didn't have the lines for each of my cars, so i copied and pasted these lines of the mods i have added into the new dlclist and extratitleupdate files and seems to be working.

    I have around 80 cars and haven't tried all of them but a good few ranging from the first car i ever added to one i placed in today and they spawn fine. Only issue i seem to have now is the 'LeFixSpeedo' speedometer mod which it doesn't like. As you get in any car a warning message comes up. Just clicked ok and game works but no speedo in bottom right (guessing it will need updating?)

  • I just recently found about this post, I had issue the same issue when adding any new cars, or endless loading screen...but somehow the GTAiV pack worked fine even with old config which threw me off slighty .
    I was forwarded here after opening a post because I'm still new to forums and was searching for this issue under different context. but a member gave me link for new working one and it worked perfectly with the new update and new scripthook
    hope it helps if anyone searching for a fix, I'm not sure if there is another config...and if someone in this post already linked this mod prior....sorry for posting it again

  • @speedfreak975 Thanks Bro, It's work fine for me! I have over 200 add-on cars and work perfectly with this gameconfig. As what you mentioned, only speedometer mod not working, waiting for update.

  • @AGLGTA5M1 said in Script Hook update:

    Hello again, all.

    Those experiencing a problem getting GTAV to load and run without an error on Windows-based PCs with the latest version of ScriptHookV installed, I've solved the problem. In the main game directory is a folder called mods and within it is a file called update.rpf and this file seems to be the culprit. As soon as I either removed the mods directory in the main game directory, or just deleted the update.rpf file within it, the game loads and runs fine with all my mods. Please try it yourself, to see if it solves the problem. It worked for me.


    This worked for me. I didn't delete the mod folder itself, but I deleted the update folder inside of it. Game runs just like it did with all of my mods. Thank you so much!

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