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Installing BritishAirways, Fly Emirates planes MOD [HELP]

  • I downloaded everything and replaced the files in OpenIV but all of the replaced files are in MODS folder, when i join the game i dont see any change with the planes...
    Can someone help me please? Maybe i have to activate the mods folder somehow?

  • @mirrehz have you done this alt text

  • @cgz Yes i did it, The airplane (EMIRATES) is working now, i need help with something else...
    I am trying to install some luxury cars mod, but it didnt work, i download simple spawner i wrote the car name it says invalid model!

  • @mirrehz Add on or replace ? show me the link I ll help you if I can

  • @mirrehz Which way did u take , add on or Replace ? If it's add-on check the dlclist.xml if there are no mistake with the name of your add on folder and also check the name of the model car "xxxx"(.yft ) make sure you write it correctly in the spawner ((it's not always the same name as the folder))

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