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How to spawn addon ped to map editor?

  • hello, i wanna ask how to spawn addon ped to map editor..i just can spawn normal ped..anyone know? thank you

  • You have to get the body guard ped spawner I can't remember who uploaded it, but if you want to spawn add on peds this is the one. Just type In body guard in the search bar, and it should pop up. That's what I use for my Editor movies

  • thank you for help, eh i tried that mod also by the way..uhm i mean is, how to spawn them into map editor so they can stay in world


    dunno, vehicles go via ymap i think so maybe the ped models too? never looked inside a ymap myself (yet)

  • uhm yes can find the ped models but normal peds/npc in map editor, or any other map mod who can spawn addon ped now?

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