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Script Mods and Controller not working

  • Hey guys!

    So I've just updated ScriptHookV to start modding again! But I have had zero luck getting anything to work, even my controller for the game. I have two installs of GTAV, a vanilla version and one for modding purposes. Both versions and ScriptHookV is fully updated.

    Within the GTAV folder I have the Vanilla folder and Modded folder side by side. Within "Grand Theft Auto V Modded"

    "Grand Theft Auto V Modded > Grand Theft Auto V" for the game install.
    "Grand Theft Auto V Modded > Script Mods" for my script mods. With the mod manager in the "Grand Theft Auto V Modded" folder.

    The mod manager detects all mods perfectly well and I've seen the mods get imported into the folder on load up but nothing loads when I load the game. Controller support seems to be lost too, although the controller support remains in the vanilla. The GTAV base files have not been modified, just a few script mods on load up I have used.

    I am so totally confused, if anyone has any idea what I need to do, I would appreciate it soo much!



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