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Help loading multiple add-on aircraft?

  • Good afternoon/evening/morning/etc,

    So I'm relatively new to modding and have been playing around with adding aircraft to GTA as add-ons. I've been using the instructions that SkylineGTRFreak provides with his aircraft, meaning I add lines to the dlclist and to the extratitleupdate then copy the aircraft folder into the dlcpacks folder. This method worked fine for a while but eventually I went to add another plane and when I went to start GTA in single player the game crashed in the loading screen. Is there something I need to do in order to be able to add extra planes? Surely 8 or so add on planes can't be over the cap.



    You no longer need to edit the extratitleupdate file. Just add to your dlclist and add in to a folder in your dlcpacks. Regarding the number of add-on vehicles that your computer system can manage, there are a lot of variables, An updated gameconfig file has not been made yet for the Smuggler's Run update. I would recommend that you try out some different gameconfig files and see what might help with this.

    Someone will pump out a new updated gameconfig file soon... but in the meantime you can experiment, maybe you will get lucky and find something that works...

    Try one of these:



  • While I wasn't able to get either of those to work, I did manage to find a gameconfig submitted by another user that managed to do the trick, at least for now. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

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